About us

DEAD4EVA Designs was conceived as an idea in 2015 when its owner and founder Jason Hampstead was talked into doing something with his designs, rather than just have his old school tattoo art and drawings build up in his folio.

Having decided to take the plunge it was then what to name the label, so to have an edge, Jason decided on DEAD4EVA Designs. Why that? Simple. At the time, Jason was not only an ex-tattooist, but he is also ex-military. Having served as a gunner, he learnt quickly life can change in an instant. His theory became "Once you're dead, you're dead forever. So live your life to the full and make it count." Really, when you think about it, it's the in your face version of saying "Just Do It"!! You need to dare to be different and do what you love.

All of Jason's artwork and designs are based around old school tattooing and his signature piece of a bone or skull. Quirky, but the way he does it is mint.

Located in Cowes, Phillip Island, DEAD4EVA Designs opened it's doors in February 2016 and hasn't looked back. The clothing label grew and the focus is on not only being alternative, but promoting individuality and getting out and living life. The majority of our suppliers are either Australian Owned or Australian Operated. We also stock a large range of scooters, Iron Fist clothing and much, much more.

In early 2018 after Samantha became sick, Jason felt there was a need to diversify in order to care for her and the family and with the help of close friends, he did just that.  Friends rallied and help Jason renovate the shop, ripping up carpets, polishing floors, installing plumbing...the help was phenomenal.  From mid June 2018, DEAD4EVA Designs became DEAD4EVA Designs - Masters In Alternative.  A new chapter had begun.  DEAD4EVA TATTOOING was born. In 2021, we expanded further and moved to our new premises at 2/82 Thompson Ave in Cowes and developed our clothing line further whilst introducing piercing into our services.

Specialising in old school tattoos, Jason works closely with his fellow tattooists Nicole Lucas and Sam Haycroft to produce quality art at reasonable prices.  Custom work start from $140 minimum.  Flash Art is also available in store.  Walk-ins are always welcome.

    For any queries or bookings, you can reach us via email: dead4eva_designs@outlook.com or should you wish to call us you can call the store on +61 0438 378 061.  You can also DM us on Facebook or Instagram.
      Our Facebook address is https://www.facebook.com/dead4evadesignsmastersinalternative and Instagram is @dead4eva_designs.